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Our Inspiration:

  • We call them by different names: Gogo, Koko, Makhulu, Kukwana, Nkgono , MaGriza, etc. We all love our Gogo’s. They carry knowledge and wisdom that has been  passed on from generation to generation.

  • Gogo’s washing powder combines science & wisdom passed on by our Gogo’s, bringing you quality detergents at a price you can afford. Developed by a female scientist who understands that doing laundry should not be a chore that is why with Gogo’s washing powder you don’t need to spend hours doing laundry, all you need to do is soak for a few minutes and let Gogo’s do the hard work.
  • Gogo’s washing powder has specially selected ingredients  to generate high foam, remove stains and leave your clothes clean and fresh.


          Gogo’s: Faka Amanzi uzobona

We are inspired by our team and clients 

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